Front Grille Installation Guide

Please remember to wear appropriate safety equipment when working on your vehicle

You will need:

- Team Gekko Illuminated Front Grille
- Philips head screwdriver
- 3mm drill bit
- Provided nuts and washers
- (Optional) Wire coat hanger

15-30 Minutes

Easy difficulty

Step 1

Ensure that your vehicle is parked and secure in a safe area. Open the bonnet and remove the 4 bolts securing the top of the grille from inside the engine bay. Please note that if your grille is not OEM, these disassembly steps may vary slightly.

Step 2

Locate and remove the 2 screws on the exterior of the grille shroud, these are near the bottom.

Step 3

Drill out the plastic push fit clips using a 3/4mm drill bit. You will now be able to separate the OEM grille from the main grille shroud. 

Step 4

Place the top edge of your new illuminated grille into the main grille housing. Use the brackets behind the grille to help you align the parts together.

Step 5

Lower the bottom edge of your new grille into the main housing, ensuring that all the studs on the back locate into their corresponding holes in the main grille housing.

Step 6

Bolt in the new grille using the provided washers and nuts. Ensure that washers are placed first, and nuts after. Please use the circle washers for the centre nuts, and the custom nuts on the outer nuts.

Step 7

Place all 6 plastic plugs into the exposed holes in the main grille housing.

Step 8

Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the screws holding in the drivers side (off side) front sidelight, and then remove the sidelight. Make sure you keep the screws.

Step 9

Thread the front grille wiring harness through the front of the vehicle as shown. This can be quite tricky, so using a wire coat hanger or something similar is advised.

Step 10

Disconnect the sidelight from the vehicle loom, and plug in the grille connectors as shown. At this point, test to see if the badge illumination is functional.

Step 11

Place the sidelight back, and screw it into place using the screws removed in step 8.

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