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Team Gekko is a small group of engineers and designers, based in the south on the edge of the New Forest. Our love for cars and tinkering led to the modification of one of our Land Rover Defenders, where aftermarket sidesteps were fitted with illumination. On that day, Team Gekko was born.

Today we design, manufacture, and produce Land Rover Defender accessories in our Hampshire facility, working hard to create the next awesome looking part to make the Defender stand out. Explore our range of illuminated car parts and find your next 4x4 upgrade.

We are one of the most innovative Land Rover parts suppliers in the UK, but we didn't come from nowhere. Our engineers and designers have had plenty of experience making illuminated parts for the most illustrious of British car companies. Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Jaguar Land Rover to name a few. With our years of knowledge making the best parts out there, we have decided to bring the same quality and level of engineering to the aftermarket. Our history makes your next upgrade.

Automotive Heritage

All Team Gekko automotive products contain fully approved components and are manufactured using documented processes. Our LED light kits are tried and tested - they're put through many of the rigorous testing standards required for OEM; these include Electromagnetic Conformity (EMC), environmental testing (including endurance and thermal shock) and adhesion trials.

This means that any Team Gekko part will last as long as the car you put it on.

Built To Endure

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Using our engineering knowledge and love for anything with an engine, we've designed a range of interior design pieces for the modern petrol head. Show off your favourite car with one of our amazing blueprints.

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